Brian (jupitercornwall) wrote,

A very past-due update

Yes, it's true: Sarah and I are getting a divorce. In light of a growing number of conversations that involve some knowledge, some confusion, and some erroneous assumptions, I thought it past time to make it public. We hadn't liked or respected each other for years, and divorce is the only, and best, recourse for us at this point. I am moved to my own place, and Sarah's staying at the old house. The boys have acclimated pretty well, I think, and love the new place, which is as good as I hoped for. We share time with Declan & Bastian as equally as possible, and it is working well.

This is a new life, certainly a new way of living, and I'm adjusting to it pretty well, most things considered. My new place has a bit of that college dorm chique, style-wise, but it's cute, it's colorful, and it's coming together. It's back in the "old neighborhood", where Declan has friends he knows and likes, and he liked the neighborhood before, so it was a good call going back there, and as well, I have several friends and acquaintances who are very close by.

I want to say thanks to the well-wishing, the advice, and the ears to vent to, regardless of association and affiliation. It has been sobering and eye-opening, and I appreciate the warmth, the doses of reality, and the lack of fear. You rock. This will be an interesting year, to say the least.
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