Brian (jupitercornwall) wrote,

Bastian is growing madly. He's out of newborn diaper stuffs, some clothes, and is already trying to stand and walk. Madness. He's certainly developing a personality; I believe it started during the pregnancy. He would never kick while I had my hand on Sarah's belly, and he won't smile for me now. He knows! He taunts! He plays with my emotions. Way too cute, and cunning as well. He is SO like his mother.

I feel it necessary to blog about work. Things have gotten really odd there. The man who hired me on there, my former immediate boss/coworker, through a series of events over months, is no longer there, and I find myself the IT dept. Not a member of a team, but the whole department. Oddly enough, I am in charge without being in charge. Thankfully, there are only 60some people in the building, so it's not so hard to be the IT person.

Life is interesting right now.
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