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Dragoncon! Woohoo!

Declan and I will be at Dragoncon all day Sunday. He hasn't been since he was 2. He got to see the parade yesterday with a friend, wearing his Venom costume, and was so enthusiastic in his descriptions of all that he saw, I thought it time for him to go back. He doesn't remember being photographed by the cute Scandanavian couple when he was 18 mos. old, wearing a blue pajama outfit with angel wings, nor does he remember running around cheering us on as we performed as Trybalaka, or even when he was kissed and cooed at by Nichelle Nichols, the bald blue chick from Farscape, or even Ray Park.

He'll be sporting one of his favorite costumes as Robin. I'll be sporting my House look, with my cane and scruffy appearance(although not actually a costume). Give me a call at 678-294-9649 if you want to meet up and say hey.
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